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12 oz Grizzly Blend Whole Bean Coffee


Roast Profile

Dark Roast

Tasting Highlights

Rich, earthy, and full bodied.
Fair Trade Coffee Organic Coffee


"Dedicated to the preservation of Grizzly Habitat" In 1993, Montana Coffee Traders teamed up with Vital Ground, a national nonprofit conservation group dedicated to the preservation of grizzly bear habitat. Vital Ground works to reconnect fragmented landscapes in the U.S. and Canada critical to wildlife movement and biodiversity. Because the grizzly's range covers several hundred square miles -- from alpine meadows to valley bottoms -- protecting and expanding habitat and migration corridors important to the Great Bear benefits entire animal and plant communities in the wildest, yet most imperiled, places left on the continent. Since its founding in 1990, Vital Ground has helped to protect and enhance more than 604,000 acres of wildlife habitat in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, and British Columbia. Montana Coffee Traders donates $1 from each pound sold directly to Vital Ground for the purchase of land critical to grizzly bear habitat. 

We also wish to acknowledge the generosity of Montana artistMonte Dolack for the use of his "Great Bear" painting on the Grizzly Blend label. The desire to preserve, promote, and honor our wild heritage is a central theme in Dolack's work.

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